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un futbolista y un colectivo

We’ll get to other political news in a moment, but since last week contained the date 4/20, we’re going to first run down all the marijuana news. Coincidentally or not, there was a lot of it this week. So let’s just begin by “getting into the weeds” of politics, as it were (the ponies come along later, never fear)..

“No sabemos quién los escribe pero a diferencia de otras organizaciones que reciclan viejos cánticos, el IS los crea”, apunta Al Tamimi. Las composiciones arrojan algunas pistas: sus urdidores conocen la poesía clásica árabe; han leído con esmero los versos dedicados a la guerra; y manejan con soltura el zéjel, un género de la lírica tradicional árabe recitado en dialecto coloquial que tiene su origen en la la poesía mozárabe de Al ndalus. Pero, aparte de la rima, las obras del IS se hallan a aos luz: están desprovistas del rumor del laúd o la flauta y se regocijan en letras que rezuman el mismo sadismo de las ejecuciones, decapitaciones o lapidaciones que divulgan en vídeo.

Saber qué fue de ellos oculta muchas sorpresas. También conoceremos a otros personajes no tan famosos, pero cuya historia merece la pena ser contada. Y más cosas. She would try to search for her parents, someone to feed her and care for her but even when she did find them, her father would most often snatch her up and throw her in a closet so that she would stay out of his way. She spent the majority of the first six years of her young life in that closet. Maybe, in some ways, it was a blessing that she was blind during these times.

También sus abuelos maternos antes de aterrizar en Argentina estuvieron en Espaa. Jacobo Bibas, su abuelo, trabajó en Ceuta como recadero, como prueba una cédula nacional fechada en Ceuta que posee su nieta. “Se vino a Argentina como a finales de 1890 principios de 1900.

As to the question of impact, at least for my group, results have yet to be seen. While most of the project has gone according to schedule, in our most recent trip to Zaatari, we learned that one of the Jordanian women who will form half of the leadership for the sewing workshop had visited the mayor unbeknownst to us, complaining that we were choosing favorites in our pick of Syrian women. As a result, the project has been put on temporary hold while the mayor distributes fliers into the refugee camp and interviews candidates for the position, all in a show of transparency.

Then there’s the overrated Lewis. (If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m not a big Lewis fan.) I don’t want to deflect anyone from thinking this is one of those battles for the ages, but Lewis has accomplished virtually nothing! Sure, a lot of what has happened to him hasn’t been his fault (see Henry Akinwande’s octopus impression, Andrew Golota’s preparation problem, etc.), but some of it certainly has been. If you can get past the Oliver McCall close your eyes punch and personally I can’t (that would never happen to Holyfield) what win has impressed you? Yep, same here..

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